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This volume A Sketch on Existence is a book that I wrote on political phenomenon. This book was published in 1990 in Korean, but now, sold out, no more production.
(You can see its cover in the left.)
As you see, it is so boring and difficult to understand that few people read it.

Its overall contents suggest a systematic and organized explanation on political phenomena. Particularly, that explanation must be applicable to all kinds of political phenomena, no mattere whether it were oriental or western, past or now. The book was written for that purpose.

The site On Political Phenomenon can be said to be more detailed interpretation with much examples adding kind explanations, sharpening its focus.

You can see the whole text in the following list.

1. On Man
1-1. Intentionality to Exist
1-2. On Inner Structure of Man
1-3. Language
1-4. Phenomenal Individual
1-5. Will and Behavior
1-6,7. Social Being
1-8. Hierarchy of Existence
1-9. Divisions of Social Phenomenon
1-10,11. Man's Mind and Behavior
1-12. Extension of Intentionality (Desire Waxing)
1-13. Man's Ability to Recognize
1-14. Interactions Among Men
1-15. Phenomenon of Values
1-16. Inertia
1-17. Self Confinement
2. On the Social Phenomena
2-1. Main Concepts of the theory of Social Phenomena
2-2. Phenomena of Groups
2-3. Intentionality of Society and Socialization
2-4. Social Change
2-5. Social Epstimology
2-6. The Principle of Increasing Entropy
2-7. Equation of Entropy in a Group
2-8. Regime of Society
2-9. Social Ideology
2-10. Social States
2-11. Cultural Phenomena
2-12. Economical Phenomena
2-13. Social Interaction
2-14. Public Opinion
2-15. Geographical Background
2-16. Historical Background
2-17. Historical Spirit
3. On the Political Phenomena
3-1. Political Phenomena and Nation
3-2. Political Power
3-3. Political Force
3-4. Political Subject and Political Activity
3-5,6. Understanding on Political Phenomena and Existence
3/1-1. Phenomena of International Politics
3/1-2. Differences of Dominent Domestic and International Politics
3/1-3. Analysis Framework of International Political Phenomena
3/1-4. Power of a Nation
3/1-5. Interaction among Nations
3/1-6. War
3/2-1.Political Background
3/2-2. Geo-political Situation
3/2-3. Historical Situation
3/2-4. Spiritual Situation
3/2-5. Socio-political Class and Social Characteristics of Political Consciousness
3/3-1. Political Ideology
3/3-2. Temporal Limitation of Political Ideology
3/3-3. Value Objects of Political Ideology and Humanizm
3/3-4. Constituents of Political Ideology
3/3-5. Classification of Political Ideologies
3/4-1. Political Change and Political Process
3/4-2. On Political Change
3/4-3. Organiztion and System
3/4-4. Reformation, Revolution, Coup d'etat
3/4-5. Political Development
3/5-1. Political Process
3/5-2. Constituents of Political Process
3/5-3. Political Groups
3/5-4. Analysis of Political Groups and Political Power
3/5-5. Domestic Warfare
3/6-1. Political System
3/6-2. Political System and Political Power
3/6-3. Ruling System
3/7-1. Political Power
3/7-2. Characteristics of Political Power
3/7-3. Origine of Political Power
3/7-4. Existence of Political Power
3/7-5. Acquisition of Political Power
3/7-6. Political Obedience
3/7-7. Political Phenomenon as Social One





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