The topic of this site is the History of Korea. Let me tell you why it is required to provide materials on this topic, at first.

Generally speaking, the oriental culture around the eastern Asia has been developed by three countries; China, Korea and Japan. Most historians say, Korea was the bridge through which the culture flowed from China to Japan for more than a thousand years. And considering the fact that Japan had been culturally undeveloped nation before it began accepting the western civilization in 19th century, more part of main history of eastern Asia was made by China and Korea, both politically and economically.

But Korea remained as the least known country of its history, and in some aspects, as a country of which the history has been known wrong to the Western people. We can find almost simliar reason of the case of philosophy; China has been the most influential empire in the center of recent history of oriental area and its culture while Japan was the first country that Westerners got familiar to first. Western people knows only the Korean War and recent dramatic economical development in Korea in most cases. In better case, you may know the names of Koguryo, Baekjae, and Shinra, or Koryo or Choseon. Even when you know some more specific history of Korea, they are wrong under the influence cultural competition among China and Japan.

With those deficient and wrong knowledge of history, you cannot understand the philosophy that came from it. It is why I provide some materials on the history of Korea.(I'm supposing you are interested in Korean philosophy, here^^)

Thank you for your concern with this topic.










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